2018 BMW 5 Series Redesign, Price

The 2018 BMW 5 Series – is expected to hit the auto market in an entirely new platform. As compared to most of its driver-focused predecessor models, this sedan has the style and features expected of a current generation sedan. This sporty sedan is a confirmation that BMW still has it when it comes to style and performance. Huge changes are expected in this sedan especially on the powertrain front.

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2018 BMW 5 Series Redesign

This 2018 BMW 5 Series will inherit more high-tech features from its predecessor. However, it is going to incorporate some cosmetic touch ups. It is going to be equipped with a highly responsive infotainment system and for the higher trim models; a BMW futuristic remote control tech option will be available. Some other stylish cues in this trendy piece include elongated headlights that will stretch into the grille with thick contours, more pronounced ribs and adaptive LED lights. Moreover, 2018 BMW 5 Series version is expected to weigh 225 pounds lower than the current version making it a bit efficient in fuel economy. However, no drastic dimension changes are expected from this sedan like the previous versions.

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2018 BMW 5 Series Engine Options

Under the hoods of this luxurious sedan will be a 2.0-liter engine capable of providing up to 245 hp and a five-speed automatic transmission system. This version will drive for about 20 miles running on electricity alone while on both energy sources; it is expected to rest at 34 mpg. The M5, which is considered as the most iconic, will have a twin-turbocharged V8 engine providing up to 560 hp. This is 25 more compared to the current version. It will also have an AWD option for the buyers to choose.

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2018 BMW 5 Series Release Date And Price

The actual release date for this sedan isn’t yet confirmed but is scheduled to arrive in most showrooms come later days of the year 2017. The trading price of 2018 BMW 5 Series is expected to start from $55,000.

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