BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, Dad with Seven Children

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer 7 Seater

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer – Neither the seven seats still the front-wheel drive are new territory for BMW. Nevertheless, the first drive report provided BMW 2 series Gran Tourer feels in some ways like an unknown entity at: Was there ever such a practical BMW? Was there ever a BMW, who has directed more specifically at families with several children?

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Both questions can be answered in the negative without further ado, yet the Gran Tourer will be a real BMW. That many supporters of the brand while the issue front-wheel drive regurgitates sour, convinced its developers is not a problem: “Customers who want to drive with six children on board in less than eight minutes over the Nordschleife, but sown quite rare,” says project manager Peter Krist laughing ,

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Hence the theme driving dynamics takes a less important role than in most other BMW models a, the promise of the Ultimate Driving Machine to redeem the Munich yet – of course in its scale not known primarily for fun-superlative vehicle class. The driving behavior reminds strongly to the Active Tourer, the extra weight, the developers well concealed. The Gran Tourer is presented in curves quite dynamic and directs relatively readily a, its orientation as a family friend can and he does not hide it.

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Even the armed with 190 hp BMW 220i Gran Tourer is not brushed on riot, acoustically known from the MINI Cooper S B48 engine always remains cautious. Restraint in the development of power can the turbocharged four-cylinder but not insinuate, because in sport mode, the combined with eight-speed automatic engine is committed to the cause and allows overtaking or accelerating on the motorway exit a breeze.

Place for Kids offers a different kind of BMW 2 series Gran Tourer on the six remaining seats. Even if you can forget it left front from time to time, the F46 for all other inmates presented as clever thoughtful family van.

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BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer – Numerous stowage options, a generous amount of space in the first and second rows and a generous luggage capacity of up to 1,905 liters make this a true family car, up to six child seats can be mounted on the seven seats the Gran Tourer. The children in the concept of Gran Tourer play a central role, one notices at the latest in the third row: The sixth and seventh are much too small for adults, here can really only children sit comfortably under 1.50 meters.

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This circumstance also emphasizes the special role of the BMW 2 series Gran Tourer BMW program, with the Van speak Munich targeted entirely new customers. Even when closely related Active Tourer is the conquest rate –  the number of customers who have previously driven not BMW – more than 70 percent. The for BMW ratios high seating position is appreciated by this customer as well as the front-wheel drive and transverse engine mounted more generous space.

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Compared with its competitors the similarly designed Gran Tourer is clearly recognizable as the only premium vehicle, materials and processing are just like assistance systems and the long list of optional extras at the level known from other BMW models.

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BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer – So BMW is likely to succeed in what the strategists have planned years ago: With the Gran Tourer customers can be addressed, who need more space in a particular phase of life and had previously engage in this situation necessarily lead to products of other manufacturers. If the dwarves one day the third row outgrown and at least partially have left home to mom and dad may naturally like to deal more closely with the rest of the BMW portfolio.

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