BMW i8 Review, Release Date and Price

BMW i8, experiencing the plug-in hybrid-athletes with wing doors and 362 hp as a daily companion

Even a year after the market launch is the Gullwing a real looker and is viewed by passersby of all ages with big eyes. As in Los Angeles, we were also in demand in Europe, when this alleged concept car would probably go into production – and not infrequently considered after a brief reconnaissance with unbelieving eyes.

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BMW i8 Concept

However, it does not just lay on a concept car resembling Design brings besides immense benefits a handful of disadvantages: both the clarity and the space are below average for BMW ratios, especially the official 154-liter boot is very quickly reached its limits, Add to that the directly adjacent to the petrol engine luggage compartment during sporty driving can be quite warm.

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Those planning the i8 longer trips, the rear seat must include in its plans. Here are easy to stow smaller suitcase, which is why extended holiday trips for two constitute no real problem. The two individual rear seats offer otherwise well adults enough space on shorter distances, it is really comfortable in the rear not. This also applies to the entry and exit through the double doors, which even more complicated designed for rear passengers as for the occupants of the front row.

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BMW i8 – If the entry has succeeded and the hinged door is closed, comes in at once i8 sports car feeling. The seating position is low, left and right, the occupants will be covered by the carbon passenger cell, the cockpit is clearly tailored to the driver. But after pressing the start button wakes unlike ordinary sports car no large-volume engine to life, just a short melody signals the driver on the operational readiness of the vehicle.

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It is purely electric and therefore practically noiseless rolling the BMW i8 of its car park. This presentation draws at least as many astonished looks on as the brilliant rumble, leave the athletes from another time in many decades impression. In BMW i8, the combustion engine switches only when stronger pressure added on the accelerator, but remains at least at the Comfort mode always discreetly in the background.

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At low speeds and light loads you can hear the Heckmotor its three cylinders quite at, the sovereign-left Brabbeln other sports car cannot offer i8 obvious reasons. On the other hand: In everyday life, the engine is almost never active in this working window, after all, is for such tasks, the electric motor in the front charge.

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In Sport mode, sound and behavior of the i8 change immediately: The three-cylinder is now running permanently and is acoustically much more present than before, and the response of the driveline to accelerator commands changes dramatically. Does the i8 always shine through his slightly more relaxed character in Comfort mode; it now reacts vehemently to acceleration wishes and is benefiting from the delay applied torque of the electric motor.

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BMW i8 Performance

The BMW i8 is not a panacea. Its unique requirement profile calls for a balancing act that the efficient but sporty hybrid sports car copes in an impressive manner. But he succeeds, as expected not to square the circle, because of course consistently designed for maximum efficiency vehicles even more economical and consistently trimmed for performance sports cars are even more dynamic than the i8. However, anyone who is looking for a green sports car and is willing to take a few compromises in the resolution of this contradiction, is the BMW i8 a completely fascinating companion. Depending on the method transforms the Gullwing between Mr. Clean and Racer, allowing a combination of driving fun and green conscience, as they currently find anywhere else.

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